Massive Giveaway! First of 2010! (Last post at

January 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Hey guys! I would just like to start off by saying. 2009 has been a terrific year! However, 2010 will be just as much fun, and probably even more. Though, I will be leaving blogging for a while. Just to do with school, and I just dont enjoy it. Back on to the positive side, I will be giving out 9 ard-Jitsu Fire codes RIGHT HERE! The giveaway is from 3:00 – 3:30 Pacific (4:00 – 4:30 Penguin Time)

Code 1. Congrats Sasyer79

Code 2. Congrats Starwar388

Code 3. Unknown – Please tweet me if you won @Hug66

Code 4. Unknown – Please tweet me if you won @Hug66

Code 5. TCJ3-6M7G-TV5G-9JVX


Code 7. TCJ3-W25K-RJQN-RC9P

Code 8. TCJ3-VRF5-5QLR-FP72

Code 9. Saved for Hug66. Sorry guys.

Remember to refresh like a mad penguin! 😛 Have the Club Penguin window open at the screen where you enter the code. NEVER EVER forget to Copy and Paste it. You will have 9 chances to get codes. Each code will be given out within 3 minutes of the previous. Best of luck to all!


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Rockhopper Is Here!

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey guys. Rockhopper has just arrived to Club Penguin! He has brought some pretty cool items with him. And I love his Christmas themed ship. It totally decked with bells oh holly. Here is the Rockhopper catalog:

Just like I thought, there will be a Coins for Change booth on Rockhoppers ship. It is in the Captains Quaters. If you sre unable to access the Captains Quaters, go to the Book Room and read Rockhoppers Journal and receive the key at the end. Here is the coins for change booth on Rockhoppers Ship:

I like it! But there is Rockhoppers old chair? And his captains desk? It’s all covered in snow! I love it! It is all so interesting, I cant wait to meet Rockhopper, he is like my idol!


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Coins for Change at Club Penguin

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey guys. Coins for Change has just arrived to Club Penguin! It is in the Plaza, Town, Beach, and Ski Village if you want to donate. Its pretty sweet. I love coins for change.

There is a sort of twist, or better said, an obstacle. You can only donate 500 coins at a time. Which may be hard for all you big shots out there that want to donate 100,000’s of coins. However, you may decide to donate to Kids who are poor, Kids who are sick, or to the environment! Sweet!


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Club Penguin Times Issue #217

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Hello there penguins! Hug66 here,

Club Penguin has release yet another issue of the Club Penguin Times. Im glad to announce that this issue however, is one of the better ones, with tons of sneak-peeks, and shows lots of exciting new events that are coming to Club Penguin!

On the front page, it mostly talks about Coins for Change, which is coming December 11th! Im saving up to donate around 100,000 coins or more this year! How much are you saving up?

Here is another page on Coins for Change. However, there is more about that, there will be a special twist! Rockhopper is arriving December 11th as well, and he is bringing a large donation for Coins for Change, and a special donation centre for our igloos! I wonder how that will look.

Yes, Christmas is coming to town in only less than 2 weeks! The 5th Annual Christmas Party will be held from December 18th, till’ December 27th. It is going to be a Christmas Extravaganza! I love the Christmas Party’s. Its one of the only parties where every room is decorated!

OMG! Another igloo contest! I love igloo contests! They are so much fun! This contest will start December 18th, and run through until December 20th. There will be 20 Grand Prize winners will receive 25,000 coins, and 20 Runner-Ups will receive 15,000 coins! Winner will be announced December 24th, as an early Christmas Present!

Now this is really interesting. It is under the Secret Revealed on page B8. It talks about a treasure hunt! Apparently, we have to look for Mints, Candy Canes, and Ornaments. Mints are worth 1 coin, Candy Canes are worth 25, and Ornaments are worth 100. I guess there will be a treasure hunt just like the Halloween one, but this one for Christmas! I can’t wait!

Here are the upcoming events for December and January:

  • December 11th: Rockhopper arrives, new Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades catalog, and Coins for Change
  • December 18th: Igloo contest starts, 5th Annual Christmas Party, New Pin
  • January 1st: Fireworks all around Club Penguin for New Years!

How do you guys like this Newspaper? I love it! It’s packed with super exciting things! I can’t wait till’ next week to read another issue of the Club Penguin times! See you then!


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Card-Jitsu Giveaway!

December 6, 2009 4 comments

Hey guys! Its time for a giveaway! I believe we are on week 10? I dont know, I have completely lost count! LOL!  Anyways, its time to have another! So here is the information – It starts at 2:00 Pm Pacific Time, and will end at 2:30 Pm Pacific Time.  The code will be posted here, in other words, where your reading it right now.

Card-Jitsu Code: TCG2-RQZL-ZBKY-BJYQ

This giveaway will be a standard giveaway where the first person to get the code and receive their items, gets them. Here are some tips to help you on winning this giveaway:

  1. Remember to refresh like crazy. Ill be giving warnings as to when it comes out my twitter.
  2. Have Club Penguin open in another tab or window, thus, eliminating time to type in the address, etc.
  3. Be ready to copy and paste the code, its faster then typing it in letter by letter.
  4. Check my twitter for updates on the giveaway, from the times, to exactly when i’ll post it!
  5. Check back here for giveaways every weekend! And thanks for visiting!


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Penguin Style December – January 2009

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Hey there guys and girls! The Club Penguin Team has released another monthly issue of the Penguin Style catalog! Its packed with Christmas themed items! It is looking pretty cool!

To access this catalog follow these steps:

  1. Log into Club Penguin
  2. Waddle over to the Gift Shop, located at the Town
  3. Click on the Blue Catalog at the Bottom Right corner

Here are the secrets within the December 2009 Penguin Style:

  • To get the Stocking Cap, click on the leg of the Coins For Change stand.

  • To get the Long Johns, click on the top of the tree.

  • To get the Drum Sticks, Snare Drum, Trumpet, and Acoustic Guitar, click on the instruments in the tree

Well, thats it for the new Secrets that are hidden in the December issue of Penguin Style. What do you guys think of this catalog? I love it! Im so excited for Christmas! We are putting our Christmas Tree up this weekend! Tell me, what do you celebrate; Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa? I celebrate Christmas!


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Christmas Bell Pin!

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Hello again! Hug66 here. Club Penguin has released a new pin, just like they do every 2 weeks. This one is themed for Christmas for sure! It is a Christmas Bell! It looks pretty snazzy! You should go check pick it up at the forest!

I like it! I wonder what the next pin will be. It is coming on the day of the Christmas Party on December 18th. I think it may be a Santa Hat! Anyways, Im so excited to see what is going to happen around Club Penguin during Christmas! You guys should tell me what you think of the pin, and what you think the next pin will be!


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